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The story of Mrs. Pickles™ began over a century ago, when Great-Grandma Toots learned her mother’s secret pickle recipe. Grandma Toots carried that recipe with her from the southern United States to Tacoma, Washington, where she shared her recipe with beloved generations to come. The recipe is so tightly held, that I had to wait seven years, until I married her Great-Grandson, DJ, before I was entrusted with the coveted process!

Our family lovingly refers to her—in spirit and fond family memories—as Mrs. Pickles™. Whether complementing a meal or straight from the jar, we hope you enjoy her pickles as much as we do, and create as many joyful memories for your family as it has for ours.

Happy Crunching,

Aly Cullinane
Aly Cullinane

About Us

Our Pickles

We believe in pickles. Crisp pickles. Delicious pickles. Pickles free from preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals we can’t pronounce. It’s simple goodness in pickled cucumber form.


Original – Sweet and Sour Dill
Hot Mama – Sweet and Sour with a kick of Jalapeño
*Both flavors available in spears & chips, 16oz jars

About Us

About Aly

As President of Mrs.Pickles™ Gourmet, formerly Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles, Aly Cullinane oversees all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, production, and distribution.

Aly graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. While first year teaching in 2011, Aly partnered up with her sister-in-law to start the company. After just one year, she left teaching to pursue her passion for pickles.

Aly learned the secret family
recipe in 2010 when she married Toots’ great-grandson, DJ, and is now a part of the pickle legacy. She currently resides with 
her husband and 2 children in Tacoma, Washington.